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Superstar Cookout Menus


Message From Lou M. Penn,

Every time I throw a cookout, there is one thing my guests are amazed at more than the delicious food selection… and that is how effortlessly everything seems to come together.

And when asked what my SECRET is I respond, “My time-tested recipes and PLANNING”.

You COULD just throw some meat on the grill, mix up some sides and have a decent, if unmemorable, cookout. After all, everybody loves a cookout. Or, you could plan a Superstar Cookout that has your guests talking for weeks to come.

It all starts with Flavor Profiles.


Create A Superstar Cookout Menu with “Head Noddin’ Good Food” Using Lou M. Penn’s Crowd Pleasing Recipes

If you can follow some simple instructions and print off a few recipe pages… you can take the mystery out of creating a superstar cookout menu and pulling it off with perceived effortlessness that amazes your friends and family.

The easiest way to plan the perfect Superstar Cookout Menu is to think of every cookout as a restaurant. Every successful restaurant needs an Identifiable Flavor Profile so people immediately know what kind of dining experience and food offerings to expect. Your cookout should do the same.

I’ve compiled menu offerings according to easily identifiable flavor profiles...


Beach-Bound Roadside Eats missouri bbq steakhouse bbq
Roadside Cookout & Picnic Sides Dishes!
Southern BBQ & Comfort Food
St. Louis Style BBQ
Classic American Steakhouse Fare
tex mex bbq cajun bbq cuban bbq mexican bbq
Down-Home Food
With Tex-Mex Flare
Creole Food
With Cajun Spices
Southern BBQ
Meets Cuban Flavors
Mexican Food Hot
Off The Grill
caribbean bbq south american bbq turkish bbq middle eastern bbq
Flavors From The Caribbean Islands
South American
Food & Flavors
Turkish Grilled
Meats & Sides
Middle Eastern Influenced Foods
moroccan bbq italian bbq greek bbq spanish bbq
Moroccan Spices & Tastes
Italian Inspired
Grilled Foods
Mediterranean Flavors Meet The Flame
Your Tongue Will Be Dancing Flamenco
chinese bbq asian bbq indian bbq hawaiian bbq
Chinese Food Like You've Never
Seen Before
Flavors From Korea, Japan, Indonesia & More
Indian Food
Hits The Grill
Luau Style Grilled Food & Flavors
south african bbq russian bbq
Experience a South African Cookout

Marinated Meats & Other Treats


Elevating Your Next Cookout To Superstar Level Is As Easy As Following A Few Simple Steps

Here are some benefits of using Lou M. Penn’s Cookout Party Planners & Recipe Binder Kits…


Head Noddin’ Good Food - No overly sophisticated or unrecognizable food offerings… just tried and true flavors famous the world over. This is food you’ll want to eat… and leaves you craving for more. Definitely not a day to try to stick to your diet.
Flavors that work well together - Each Superstar Cookout Menu has a specific flavor profile so you put together a menu that makes sense, tastes great, is easy to cook and knocks your guests socks off.
Gives you plenty of variety - With multiple choices of steak, pork and chicken as well as various spice mixes, sauces and sides, there is a lot of variety. You are sure to find something that will have you and your guests licking their lips.
Add your family favorites to the recipe binder - When you have family favorite recipes that fit a particular Flavor Profile… just use the EDITABLE Recipe Template to add that recipe to the binder.
Reusable planner plus variety means MULTIPLE superstar cookout menus possible - You have the ability to change up the food choices in the future to produce different superstar cookout menus with the same flavor profile… but with completely different offerings. Or, step away from the “usual” cookout offerings and explore other flavor profiles. (I find that these cookouts amaze my guests even more).
Easy to follow instructions - No complicated cooking techniques. Just time-tested, dependable recipes and cooking methods anyone with even moderate cooking experience can reproduce. Printable schedule and cheat-sheets keep you on plan and cooking like a pro.
Saves time - No scratching your head wondering what to make. No endless searching for recipes and agonizing over how to create a flavorful and memorable menu. Just pick a flavor profile, fill out the planners and compile every recipe you need at your fingertips.
Keeps you on track - No wondering what to do next… just follow the plan. Print off and fill in each part of the planner and use the schedule to get things done when they need to be done. No running around at the last minute or forgotten steps that can ruin your cookout.
Puts all the recipes you need in one place - No searching through books or the Internet trying to pull all the recipes together… just print off ALL the recipes you’ll need to throw a great cookout. The recipe binders you create will be a “gold mine” of delicious recipes for future use.
Adds to your everyday cooking choices - These recipes not only produce a talked about and envy producing cookout. Many of these recipes will find their way into your everyday cooking routine. (Indoor cooking instructions are included so you can even produce these recipes during a thunderstorm).
Allows you to ENJOY your cookout - Pulling off a successful cookout can be stressful and frustrating. Having a step by step plan to follow keeps you on track, keeps you organized and helps you pull off a superstar cookout that looks effortless. You’ll actually be able to enjoy your cookout just as much as your guests.


Exclusive Superstar Cookout Menus Members Get Everything They Need To Plan And Execute A Crowd Pleasing Cookout


Cookout Party Planner

Print and fill in the Cookout Party Planner to create an overview of the perfect party. The occasion, time of year, how many guests and even the kind of guests you invite all play a part in the type of Cookout Menu you should create for maximum success.




Sample Menus

Get the creative juices flowing by looking over sample menus using the recipes provided.

(The number of menu combinations is only limited by your imagination).




Cheat Sheets

Cheat Sheets allow you to understand your main ingredients and cooking methods. You get cheat sheets for:

  • Beef: Flat Iron, Hanger, Rib Eye, N.Y. Strip, Flank and Skirt Steaks
  • Pork: Tenderloin, Chops and Ribs
  • Chicken: Breast, Thighs and Drumsticks



Section Covers

Section covers for every flavor profile, so you can print them and create your binder recipe book.





Recipes For ALL Flavor Profiles

This is the “meat and potatoes”, so to speak, of the entire process. You get access to tried and true Lou M. Penn recipes that are real crowd-pleasers. Recipes include spice mixes, flavored butters, brines & marinades, BBQ sauces & mops, condiments and sides dishes… as well as, steak, pork and chicken options.

IMPORTANT: You get cooking instruction for both the outside grill AND indoor cooking… so these recipes can become part of your everyday cooking EVEN IF IT IS RAINING!

Blank Recipe Templates Per Flavor Profile

Use the editable recipe templates to add your own favorite recipes to your recipe book binder with a similar flavor profile.





Menu Planners

Use Steak, Pork, Chicken and Sides Menu Planners to come up with the perfect cookout menu that will wow your friends and family.





Menu Brainstormer

Compile a list of all the recipes you need to pull off your cookout so you can print them and have all the necessary recipes at your fingertips.

(You can print off ALL the recipes to put in your recipe book binder, or just print the recipes you need for each superstar cookout menu you create).



Grocery List

Nothing is more frustrating than missing a key ingredient when going through a recipe. Print and fill in the grocery list so you know exactly what you need for the big day.




Cookout Schedule

Print and fill in the schedule on what to do the week of, a few days before, the night before, the morning of and on the big day so everything goes smoothly… and you can actually ENJOY your own cookout.





So, if you want to take your cookout to the “next level” and impress your guests, just do what I do....

  • Pick a Flavor Profile that gets your mouth watering.
  • Use the planners to plan the perfect cookout party.
  • Use the recipes (and your own) to plan a Superstar Cookout Menu.
  • Follow the schedule to pull your cookout off without a hitch.

It is just that easy.



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Superstar Cookout Menus


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I'm sure you are anxious to get started. And remember, you don't need to wait for the next cookout to use these recipes! As a matter of fact, I'm sure many of these recipes will become new family favorites.

Lou M. Penn


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