BBQ Menu Ideas


Looking for BBQ menu ideas?  Look no longer.

Here are 22 BBQ menu ideas guaranteed to make your next backyard BBQ a hit.




Introduction To BBQ Menu Ideas


These BBQ menu ideas take your next backyard BBQ from predictable to amazing.

Let’s be honest. You could just throw some beef, pork and chicken on the grill with some salt. Flame and smoke will do the rest.

Add some burgers and hot dogs for the kiddies, and Bob’s your uncle.

And because of the euphoric nature of the backyard BBQ, everyone would be satisfied. After all, it’s hard to be disappointed when the weather is great, the guests are mingling and the beer and wine are flowing.

But why settle for predictable and “good", when you can create a BBQ menu that has your guests begging for the next cookout invite.

Flavor Inspired BBQ Menu Ideas


Creating Superstar Cookout Menus does not happen by accident. After all, you want your BBQ menu to have food choices and flavors that complement one another. That takes planning.

We’ve found the easiest way to ensure your BBQ menu “makes sense” AND tastes amazing is to think of every backyard BBQ as a restaurant.

Just think about it, successful restaurants have a specific “flavor profile”. The flavor profile is the immediately identifiable combinations of flavor and food that define the cuisine.  It’s the difference between craving “Mexican” or “Italian”.

Flavor profiles let potential guests know what kind of dining experience and food offerings to expect.  Your cookout should do the same.

Creating your BBQ menus around world famous flavor profiles has an added benefit.  It makes sure your cookout menu is delicious and all the menu items complement one another.

After all, world famous flavor profiles are popular and well known for a reason - they taste great. People love these flavors and food, and your guests will too. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel here. Just stick to what works.

To make the process of creating Superstar Cookout Menus easier, we’ve invented fictitious restaurants with world famous flavor profiles. Simply create a BBQ menu from the collection of recipes and food choices of a specific flavor profile and you are sure to have a winner.

Below are 22 BBQ menu ideas designed around world renowned flavor profiles.


United States BBQ Menu Ideas


missouri bbqBy throwing a Missouri BBQ party you can transport your guests to a part of America famous for barbecued ribs AND great steaks. I can't think of a better combination for an unforgettable backyard BBQ.



Missouri BBQ



Having a Southern BBQ party can treat your guests to one of the most iconic and recognizable backyard BBQ themes. Great barbecue flavors and comfort food is an excellent combination that is sure to please.



Southern BBQ


Beach-Bound Roadside Eats

If you’ve ever spent a summer on the Eastern Shore, you are probably familiar with the roadside BBQ. If you want to get some great grilled chicken (and other meats), and escape the beach traffic for a while, there is nothing better than stopping at a roadside BBQ.



Roadside BBQ


steakhouse bbq

If you are a beef lover, why not throw a Steakhouse BBQ inspired by iconic steakhouse restaurants. And don't worry, there are more meat choices besides beef. Steakhouse restaurants usually have pork and chicken options, so your BBQ party should as well.


Steakhouse BBQ


tex mex bbq

A Tex Mex BBQ party can give your guests a taste of one of the best flavor marriages available. When great meat options of Texas are blended with the immediately identifiable tastes of Mexico, you and your guests are in for a treat. Cowboy hats are optional.


Tex Mex BBQ


cajun bbq

A Cajun BBQ party puts Mardi Gras in your guests mouths. Cajun flavors are a real crowd pleaser, especially if your crowd likes highly seasoned and spicy foods.



Cajun BBQ


hawaiian bbq

Throw a Hawaiian BBQ party and transport your guests to Hawaii, without any long plane flights or high costs. You might not have the same view or weather. But the Hawaiian BBQ food is sure going to be great.


Hawaiian BBQ



Latin America & Caribbean BBQ Menu Ideas



mexican bbq

There are many Mexican BBQ food choices that are not tacos or burritos. The bold, spicy, familiar flavors of Mexico go great with the grill. Break out of your Mexican dish rut by grilling up some great Mexican inspired beef, pork and chicken and Mexican inspired side dishes.


Mexican BBQ



When you prepare a Cuban BBQ party you can transport your guests not only to the island, but to Florida where Cuban culture has influenced the food. The mix of Florida and Cuba can be tasted in every bite.



Cuban BBQ


caribbean bbq

If you can't make it to the Caribbean, you can bring the islands to you in the form of a Caribbean BBQ. While there is nothing like being on a Caribbean beach, Caribbean food hot off the grill can go a long way in lifting your spirits.



Caribbean BBQ


south american bbq

A South American BBQ party you can take a tour of South America by way of your grill. South American is known for great beef, so it is not surprising they are a big grilling culture. Whether you are talking about Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay or Chile, you are sure to find something to up your grilling game.


South American BBQ


Mediterranean BBQ Menu Ideas


italian bbq

An Italian BBQ party explores Italian flavors straight from the grill. While Italian food is best known for pasta and sauces, there are some great Italian flavors that make for delicious grilling. Grilled Italian food is sure to please a crowd and bring praise.

Italian BBQ


greek bbq

Surprise your guests with a Greek BBQ party and transport them to the Mediterranean Sea. Sun, great food and fun right in your own backyard.




Greek BBQ


spanish bbq

Throw a Spanish BBQ party in your own backyard. You don't need to learn Spanish to enjoy some great Spanish food right off your grill. Your guests will love it.




Spanish BBQ


Arab Influenced BBQ Menu Ideas


middle eastern bbq

Arab flavors and a grill make for a great Middle Eastern BBQ. Your friends and family are going to love these flavor combinations. Belly Dancing is optional.




Middle Eastern BBQ


moroccan bbq

A Moroccan BBQ party can transport you and your guests to an exotic land full of spices and flavors of Northern Africa. With a wide range of spices and international influences, you are sure to find some food that is going to become one of your favorites.




Moroccan BBQ


turkish bbq

Throwing a Turkish BBQ party is guaranteed to please a crowd. The spices are brought to life by the flame, and the sauces can be either cooling or spicy. This means fantastic flavors with each bite.



Turkish BBQ


Asian BBQ Menu Ideas


asian bbq

An Asian BBQ party might not be the first thing to come to mind when the desire to spark up the grill overtakes you. But once you explore the flavors of Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines, you’ll discover how these amazing flavors go hand and hand with your backyard grill.




chinese bbq

A Chinese BBQ party taps into one of the most recognizable flavor profiles. Imagine the same great Chinese flavors you love combined with backyard cooking techniques. Not only does a Chinese BBQ party taste great... but it is unique and surprising to your friends and family.



Chinese BBQ


indian bbq

Combining Indian spice mixes, sauces and fresh sides with the smoke of the grill is a recipe for one great tasting Indian BBQ party. If you want to knock your guest’s socks off… get out of your comfort zone and introduce them to some world famous flavors around burning coals.



Indian BBQ


Other BBQ Menu Ideas


south african bbq

Friends and family gathering around a grill for a casual cookout is so popular in South Africa, they have a special word for it… Braai. Embrace the casual, friendly gathering around lots of grilled meats by throwing your own South African BBQ in your backyard.



South African BBQ


russian bbq

A Russian BBQ party might not be the first thing you think of cooking out. But you'll be happy to know Russia has a long grilling history, and the food is delicious. When you are ready to break out of the norm, and have some great food, a Russian flavored BBQ is a good choice.




Ultimate Backyard BBQ Guide

You've used the BBQ Menu Ideas to brainstorm and plan the perfect backyard BBQ menu... now what?

Well, now you need to execute the plan.  There is a lot to keep in mind when you are throwing a backyard BBQ.  We've created a series of backyard BBQ tips you can use to ensure your next backyard BBQ is a hit.


Ultimate Backyard BBQ Guide

The Ultimate Backyard BBQ Guide helps you take your backyard BBQ game to the next level.

Ultimate Backyard BBQ Guide




As you can see, your BBQ menu does not have to be boring or predictable. There are many delicious BBQ menu ideas based on world famous flavors that have stood the test of time. These flavors are so well known for a simple reason - they are down right delicious.

Have these BBQ menu ideas gotten the creative juices flowing? Make your next backyard BBQ something to talk about.  It all starts with planning your BBQ menu on flavor profiles that are always crowd pleasers.


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With all these famously delicious BBQ menu ideas, there is no excuse for a boring backyard BBQ.

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