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Throwing a cookout that keeps guests talking for weeks does not happen by accident. It takes flavorful, time-tested recipes and planning. Becoming a member of Superstar Cookout Menus takes care of both.

And that is where you come in…

We are looking for people to partner with us to help get the word out about our service. And for your efforts, we’ll compensate you with 50% of each sale you generate.

I say “partner with us” because that is how I see our relationship... as partners.

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Program Benefits

Why You Should Partner With Us


Great Product That Over-delivers
We have made every effort to over deliver on our customers expectations. We provide so much more than just great recipes. Cookout party planners and recipe binder kits make throwing a superstar cookout a step-by-step process.


No High Payment Threshold
You get paid for EVERY sale that has passed the refund period. There is no need to reach high payment thresholds before your first payment. Just send us traffic, make sales and get paid
after 30 days.


Payout At The Beginning Of Every Month
Every month we will pay all affiliate commissions for sales that have passed our 30 day refund period.

Payments Through PayPal
We send your payment through PayPal for fast delivery.

120 Day Cookies
Get commissions on any sale through your link up to 120 days from their first visit. (We continue to work on your behalf to get you the commission even after the first visit).


Affiliate Program Run By SendOwl

Reliable 3rd Party Affiliate Tracking


Our affiliate program is run through SendOwl. This gives you two ways to make money promoting our products.


1. Use Your Affiliate Link To Send Potential Customers To Our Site
This is the traditional affiliate process where a potential customer clicks on your affiliate link and is sent to our site. If they buy something… you get paid 50% of the sale.


2. Use A Special Link To Sell Our Products Directly From Your Site
You can set up a special page on your site to sell our products directly. When a customer clicks the buy button on your site they pay through SendOwl… and you get 50% of the sale.


SendOwl Tracks Your Sales
All sales generated through your affiliate link are tracked by SendOwl. You can login to your affiliate account at SendOwl at any time to check your performance and see how much money you’ve made.


We Pay
At the beginning of each month, SendOwl sends us an affiliate report. We pay all affiliate commissions through PayPal.


Ready To Start Making Money?

Step 1 is to sign up for a SendOwl affiliate account and get your unique affiliate link.

Our Affiliate Program is run by Edward Lomax and therefore the affiliate program name is "Edward Lomax Affiliates"

Partner With Us


Superstar Cookout Menus


Step 2 is to get your affiliate materials and start promoting so you can make commissions.

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