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Superstarcookoutmenus.com was created to help people plan, produce and pull off the perfect backyard BBQ party. A cookout that wows your family and friends takes more than firing up the grill and throwing some meat on it. We provide cookout party planners and all the recipes needed to create a backyard cookout experience that is both unique and delicious.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. Creating a BBQ party that works, and can be done effortlessly, requires planning. A lot of this planning is focused on the BBQ menu selections.  

To aid with the food choices, we have split up our backyard BBQ themes into 22 distinct flavor profiles. For each flavor profile, we have created a mock restaurant.  Each “restaurant” represents an easily identifiable flavor profile that has stood the test of time.



Creating a BBQ party menu around a proven and time tested flavor profile ensures the flavors and food choices are winning combinations that complement each other. This is the key to a well designed cookout menu that pleases a crowd.


Brought To You By: Lou M. Penn and Edward Lomax


Lou M. Penn

Edward Lomax

Unlike other websites created by Edward Lomax, this site is a collaboration.

Lou M.Penn is responsible for the recipes. He is the mastermind behind the concept of using flavor profiles to create delicious menus around immediately identifiable flavors. However, he wants to remain “anonymous” and was completely uninterested in creating and running a website.  (This is why his photo is not present).

Edward Lomax is an online educator. Being a cooking enthusiast, he saw an opportunity in collaborating with Lou on cookout party planner and recipe binder kits. Lou M. Penn could provide the recipes, and Edward could run the online business.  

After some coaxing, Lou was convinced and Superstarcookoutmenus.com was born. 


Other Sites By Edward Lomax

Edward Lomax moved to Chile from the US to be with his wife back in 2001. This decision was spurred by an illness in the family that required their help. And that begged the question, “How are we going to make a living”?

As a consequence, Edward and his wife explored ways of making money online, and helping others to do the same. This has resulted in multiple websites.


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Moving into the future I will be continuing to help others accumulate wealth faster, create multiple streams of income and secure their financial futures… while simultaneously taking time out to enjoy life by exploring my interests. 

I welcome you to follow and join my journey,

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